Northeast Exterminating, Inc.

Controlling Pests without Poisoning You, Your Home or Business, and the Environment.

Our services are provided in the most effective and environmentally friendly manner allowing you and your family to live pest free, and in comfort.

If you’re having a problem with pests in your home, and it’s crucial that you trust who will oversee the solution. Asking questions is the key to your wellbeing. All pest problems in and around your home or business, require a plan and a method of implementing that plan. That’s our job. Often your problem will be a simple one, and our pros will be able to correct it with little difficulty. Sometimes the problems are more complex and more extensive steps will have to be discussed. In every case, the control of a pest problem has some impact on you, certainly the pests, and in ways we are always learning more about our environment. Keeping this in mind, careful treatment methods are paramount.

From the back yard, to your basement, into the kitchen, bedrooms, or maybe it’s your office, our certified technicians are trained and knowledgeable on the safest methods to alleviate any pest problem so you can go on with your life unobstructed by unwanted pests.